Monday, May 9, 2016

5/9/2016 MOTHER'S DAY

GOOD AFTERNOON!!!!! First, Happy Mother’s day to all MOTHERS and future mothers out there!! Thank you for being Awesome!!! I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say, I don’t know what we'd do without you!!!
So this last week was the last week before transfer... Well nothing surprising... President said we're all staying in our areas till we get to know the members better and work with them more. So I guess it’s a good thing and somehow a bad thing if you wanted your comp to leave... Not saying names’ ha-ha
It’s okay though, it’s the challenges that build us and make us stronger!!
A quote by someone who I love so much once said “I choose to be happy.  The most fun part about life is trying to figure it out.  If something is not working, change and do it a different way until you find something that does work and makes you happy.  Missions are hard, but so is life.  So make the most of it." -Charles Morris AKA DAD!!
It’s so true though. We can choose to be happy or not. Thank goodness I like being optimistic ha ha-ha. When life gets hard I remind myself that it’s only for a small time and I still have great moments ahead of me!
Any who so the rest of last week on Wednesday we went to Accra to Have Zone Conference. It was great to see old friends and also great to hear from Elder Stanfill from the 70. We received great inspiration and guidance on how to be better missionaries when it comes to working with members. That’s why we'll be staying in our areas for a long time ha-ha.
We've been teaching a lot of good people and then.... sadness. We have to postpone or can’t baptize because of issues. Like Okay I won’t say names but
One person didn’t tell us he was married and there’s been talk of him cheating on his wife so we have to postpone till things calm down and we get approval from the wife,
Another is married to a polygamist man so she can’t be baptized.
Another is a polygamist so we can’t baptize him or his wife.
One is Pregnant so we have to wait till she delivers but she’ll go to Kenya till then and then come back in like August.
So, I’d just like to prove that there truly is opposition in all things!!
We'll just go back to work now. We are working with members trying to get referrals (because that’s been the most successful tool in baptizing, is through member referrals!!).
A cool experience from last week. I GOT TO HOLD A MONKEY!!!!! Like the small one in the movie, Night at the Museum. It was adorable and I picked him up and put him on my shoulder! Just so no one is alarmed, it’s a pet of a member. So it’s not wild ha-ha
Then in the end I finished the week calling my family for mother’s day!! It was so good to hear their voices and chat with them for a small time!
I hope everyone has a great week!! Pray for rain here in Ghana!! We need it!! Ha-ha-ha
Love and miss y’all!!
Elder Morris!

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