Monday, May 30, 2016

5/30/2016 Cut out the FuFu!

Good afternoon, everyone on this wonderful Memorial Day Monday!! 

I hope everyone is staying safe and having a great time where ever you might be!!
I’ll get right down to it. 2 weeks ago I said I was kind of struggling finding people to teach and not much changed this week ha-ha. I was feeling really sick and just lazy, not really motivated to work hard. Then I changed a few things this week and it seemed to help. I used to be eating really unhealthy like bread and butter with sugar for breakfast and FUFU for lunch all the time. I was really just eating simple sugars and carbs, no protein. This past week I changed that up. I started eating healthier foods. For breakfast, I’m having oatmeal with peanuts and bananas or sometimes boiled eggs. It changed my entire mood. This week I’ve been the happiest even during some of our hardest times!! Saturday we had all but 2 of our lessons fall through. While my comp was bummed I was surprisingly still smiling, staying happy and positive!! It felt so much better. It was just awesome!! So, I’ll definitely try to keep that up from now on. I felt more confident while teaching this week as well and just overall much better.
A cool story from this last week, Saturday afternoon we stopped by the chapel because they were having a wedding and we went to get a member to see if he could help us teach a recent convert of ours who we needed translation. He wasn’t able to come so we decided to leave. As we walked out we met our bishop at the road side. He asked what we were up to and we told him we were headed to see our recent convert. He said he was just headed to work. (By the way, he’s a fire fighter.) All of the sudden a taxi went flying down the road honking and flashing his lights. We thought it was weird, even though it happens a lot here. So we look to the right, towards the junction where a lot of shops are. The taxi, and trotro run is there also. We saw a bunch of smoke coming from a car. The bishop started running over and we followed to see what was up. Next thing you know the bishop was calling the fire service and as we approached we saw a small car on fire! Ghanaians were circled around the car trying to put out the fire with wet towels and small buckets of water. That wasn’t working. Soon the fire truck pulled up and people jumped out (not in any fire protective gear because that’s not how they do things in Ghana ha-ha). They grabbed a fire hose and just start going at the fire. Random people were jumping in to hold the hose and trying to spray the car. It was all very interesting because as you know, back home they would rope off the area and have people stay back. Not here! hahaha People just kept getting closer and closer to the car. People had their phones out filming it. It was amazing to see our Bishop in action. It all turned out okay. The people were rescued from Bishop and the fire crew that arrived.
Another small story, on Sunday, our ward mission leader was asked to conduct the music for Sacrament meeting. During the rest hymn he was nowhere to be found. Bishop and I made eye contact and I started walking towards the front…he gave me a nod of approval. Next thing I knew, I was the conductor for the music. Ha-ha! I was actually pretty nervous because I didn’t want to mess up but I’d just like to say thank you for all those times I was asked to lead the hymn in Sunday school, Priesthood and Seminary. It came in handy that day!
We’re still searching to find people to teach. I’m staying positive about it. I know that all will be well. We just have to keep working hard and keep our heads up! I finally finished reading the New Testament this last week!! And now I will begin to read the Book of Mormon again. This time I’m going to try and really study instead of just trying to get through it.
I’m hoping to learn something new each time I read the scriptures and know that I will. As we study the scriptures and try to apply the things we learn into our own lives, we'll grow to be stronger disciples of Jesus Christ and feel more happiness and love in our lives. Our love for those around us will increase as well.
I love and miss y’all! Thanks for the letters and I hope everyone has a great week!!
God bless you all,

Elder Morris

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