Monday, May 23, 2016


Hey everyone!! 
After being sick last week, I feel a lot better this week!! Once we went back to the apartment last week after emailing, I had some type of attack, body paralysis and fever. It didn't last too long but I still had a fever on Tuesday so we had to stay in. Things aren’t easy. There’s a lot of sickness going around because of the rainy season. It’s rained a lot this week, almost every other day. The cooler weather is great but the down side is it makes the roads super muddy and it floods really easily here which makes it’s hard to get around. How grateful I am for my "thick soled mission shoes" that I brought. They're unstoppable!
Highlight of the week was yesterday. Lawrence was FINALLY BAPTIZED!!!!! After weeks of waiting, it finally happened. A shout out of big congrats to him for waiting it out. Now we'll start preparing him for the temple!

It’s so interesting how many are prepared for baptism out here.  It's starting to feel like a normal occurrence. You may not have a baptism for a few months and then you'll have around 7 or 8. It’s almost like God is handing them to us, prepared and ready. But I wouldn’t say it's really anything we do as missionaries, but that Ghana is in a "religious revolution." Everyone is interested in God. They all want to hear about the gospel. That’s probably the thing that is talked about the most in Ghana is GOD. So it makes that part easy. The biggest problem is THERE ARE SO MANY DIFFERENT CHURCHES!!!!!!!! People become pastors just to make money. I don’t understand how people are blinded by false prophets and how they can’t see and feel that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is back on the earth in its fullness!! And that fullness is found in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Not much more to report. Just trying to find more people to start teaching!! We’ve been struggling with having lessons. My comp and I fasted a few weeks ago for the area and we it hope it will pick up again soon!
Hum... so yeah that’s about it! I hope everyone is doing well! Thanks for the pics that y’all send and for your love and support!
Have a great week
Love y’all,  

Elder Morris

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