Friday, September 4, 2015

First email from Elder Morris

HELLO from the Ghana MTC! 
Let me just start by saying that the 13 hour flight was not fun. I probably slept about 4 or 5 hours out of the whole trip. I'm so tired its hard keeping my eyes open right now. It was cool seeing all 41 missionaries in one airport terminal. The people here in Ghana are really super nice. I'm feeling a little homesick right now which is expected. The MTC President said it will be worse tomorrow.

I haven't been able to eat a whole lot, I have no appetite. While we were eating lunch earlier today we asked some of the Ghana Elders if the showers were hot, they just turned and laughed haha. All that we heard is true...they weren't kidding about the humidity, as soon as we stepped off the plane I could feel it. 

Sorry this email is all over the place with thoughts hahaha I'm just typing them as they pop in my head. We get about 30 min of physical activity time everyday but Sunday so that will be good too. My companion here in the MTC is cool. Guess where he's from...Gilbert AZ! 

Well that's about it for today. It shows on my schedule that my P-day is on Wednesday so I'll email y'all then. 

LOVE AND MISS Y'ALL so much already!

Hard to really tell who's who in this picture but thanks to 
President Reid Robison (Ghana, MTC President) for posting it on FB!
Garrett is on the front row, 4th one in from the left! President Robison reported that 42 Americans arrived all on one flight! What a sight that must have been!

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