Wednesday, September 9, 2015

First few days in Ghana...according to Elder Morris

"From the beginning" 9/4/15
After a long 13 hour flight and barley any sleep, I struggled to stay awake for our first day in the MTC. It was a very eventful day. My companion, Elder Warner is from Gilbert, AZ. He is also our District Leader, and check this out...He dated Kennidy Hassel in Highschool!! What a small world! (Kennidy is a longtime friend of Garrett's way back from when he was 5!)

So each day in the Missionary Training Center (MTC) we get a physical activity time for 1 hour. I played soccer today with a lot of the African Missionaries. It's sad but we Americans never really even touched the ball ha ha. That's how good the Africans are at soccer. I really enjoy their accents although sometimes it’s really hard to understand what they are saying. After sports we take showers and get ready for dinner and night classes. Let me just say how impossible it is to do your hair when it’s so humid that it doesn't even dry. Taking a shower hot actually makes you sweat more when you get out so we all started taking cold showers after sports. It feels really nice! The first night everyone kept falling asleep in our classes.

"Second day" 9/5/15
President Robinson called me into his office before breakfast that morning to take a picture of me with the bag of clothes I brought. Y'all have already seen the pic and email about it. We had plenty of classes about teaching investigators, how to invite them, and also how to make a lesson plan. By the second day the Americans and the Africans started coming closer together. Elder Warner and I like to joke around with them. Today we had an American meal for dinner. Fried Chicken and French fries! All the Americans ate with their hands while the African missionaries ate with forks and knifes ha ha. For lunch we had Peanut butter soup....which is actually really good!

The first Fast Sunday in Ghana was good. Sacrament meeting felt like it was only 10 minutes. There was never a time that an elder or sister wasn't sharing his/her testimony.

(I'm just gonna start writing whatever now. It’s hard going day by day haha)

One of the American Elders that I'm friends with brought a big big bag of jelly beans. So we started handing them out to the African missionaries and it was sooo cool to see their reaction! They really like talking about America and they all want to go there after their missions. One morning at breakfast we had this juice looking stuff. It kinda smelt like cucumbers but turned out to be ground up watermelon. Elder Warner and I had a bet if he drank it I would too. So I did. Some of our African friends, Elder Ojo and Elder Omararo they really want to come live with us in Utah when we go to college. They are both around 22 years old. Most of the African missionaries here are around 20-24 years old.

We went to get out Ghana citizen card and after it was finished we went to this grocery store right next to the place. We walk in and started jumping for joy!! THEY HAVE AMERICAN FOOD!!!!!!! M&Ms, Skittles, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Frosted Flakes! and so much more!! Then this man walked up to us (we were in a group of 5 missionaries) and asked if we taught the Book of Mormon and then asked if we had one for him. Out of all of us, no one had one!! We were so disappointed with ourselves but one of Elders did have a passalong card to give him.

Elder Warner and I have been talking to the French learning Missionaries so we can learn some. So far we can say Bonjure ceva (goodmorning how are you) and Je t'aime (i love you)

Hey sorry I had to send that email so quick and didn't get to really finish. My computer was dying. Anyway so to continue a little more on the spiritual side. We have about 3 "fake" investigators that we are teaching at the MTC (this is used for role playing to help the missionaries practice the teaching methods they are learning). Elder Warner and I have taught this guy Professor Vandapoye and yesterday during the lesson we invited him and his family to come to church with us on Sunday!We also invited him to be baptized but he said he has to ask his wife. It's interesting to practice teaching but I think it will help us when we are really teaching in the field.

A little about my MTC teacher. He's from Cape Coast his name is Brother Afful. He really likes country music and hopes one day he can live in TEXAS!! ha ha! All the native missionaries are funny...they like to hold your hand when talking to you. 

Here are some pictures of this week.
I love and miss everyone back home!
Elder Morris

Muffin and Yogurt for breakfast

Fried Chicken!

 Going to get our Ghana citizen cards

(Garrett didn't say what this was?)

Elder Kouadio, a french missionary is probably the most dramatic and 
funniest missionary here! He likes playing jokes on people! 

Meal time with all the missionaries 

Class Room 

Elder Warner 

Elder Warner, my companion 

My new soccer buddy 

My room

 Ghanna Accra LDS Temple

Ghana Accra Temple

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