Saturday, September 5, 2015

Welcome from President Robison

By now you should have heard from your missionary.  If that is not the case please let us know.  The arrival of these 42 missionaries on the same flight yesterday was an incredible sight.  We have served here for 18 months and with each group of missionaries have had one or two from the US.  Last month we had a couple of groups with around 10 – 15.  With the re-opening of Liberia and the replacement of many missionaries from Ghana returning home, we were able to welcome our largest group of Americans today. 

Normally, I send each parent a note informing them of the safe arrival of their missionary.  Yesterday was an exception because it took most of the day to interview them and by the time I did they said they had already emailed you.

Please know that Ghana is Africa for beginners (according to Google, so it must be right).  And it is the most Christian country in the world.  Liberia is also a country that is very safe and Christian.  The food in our cafeteria exposes the missionaries to different cultures some of the days but not all and there is always something to eat should they not like a particular dish.  We try to post photos on the MTC website most days, so if you go to you will likely see what activities your son is experiencing.

I have put all the parent emails in the “to” category so that you might have contact with one another for additional support or questions.

Thank you for raising such wonderful sons.  This is an outstanding group of missionaries.

Warmest regards,

President and Sister Robison
Ghana MTC

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