Friday, September 11, 2015

Hungry Anyone?

So in preparation for Garrett's mission we found out about this AWESOME Samsung camera that has WiFi capacity in where anytime the camera is around WiFi access it will automatically download photos into my email inbox!  Genius!  I am beyond excited to just have random pictures at random times show up in my inbox! Imagine my delight when this beauty came in this morning...

Hungry anyone?...that could take some getting used to! ha ha

 It's just a guess but I believe that "doughish" looking blob is indeed Foo-Foo
What is Foo-Foo you ask? 
It is a staple food of many countries in Africa and the Caribbean. It is often made with a flour made from the cassava plant-or alternatively another flour, such as semolina or maize flour. Fufu, served alongside soup (usually Groundnut Soup) is a national dish of Ghana!

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