Monday, September 21, 2015

Still don't know where he is!


My preparation day is on Monday! and the picture of us in the masks was just because people came to spray the apartment we live in with bug spray! ha ha! (pest control) Yes I live with 5 other elders. They are all really cool guys! 

That's so awesome that porter is 12 now! I wish I could've gone with him to the temple once! I'm glad Elle went to the dance tho! After this week I've become more comfortable here! I pray every day that I can feel that comfort and it always comes! 

I'm going to throw some highlights of this week in the email but I don't have much time. 
We had 3 up coming baptisms for this week which I thought was cool. One of the girls being baptized wasn't really ready after the interview so she's going to wait a few weeks but it's still a go. I was able to invite a investigator to baptism myself this week!!! It was really cool. And guess what?...Lately I've had the urge to just read read read! I very much enjoy my personal study time in the morning. I've started the over reading the Book of Mormon and I am finally understanding so much more than I did at home!

It seems that I'm so much better at teaching the lessons to little kids more than the adults here. ha ha I guess I feel as if I can relate to them easier! 

We had a hot dog roast yesterday which was very good! Everyday to have to wake up and buy food for breakfast lunch and dinner because the power goes so much so the fridges won't always be on. Today we went to the shopping mall and we were able to get a lot of American food so we're very happy about that. The money here is called cedis. The exchange is American $1 is about 3.8 cedis so everything seems very cheep here. It's true they don't have fresh milk so you have to buy powdered milk packs to mix with water. OH AND I absolutely loveeeeeeeeee their pineapple here! It's so juicy and amazing!

We went contacting this week and we stopped and talked with this guy Michael. As we were talking to him I felt this impression that he'd be a member someday! I hope that he progresses with us as we teach him. 

This is about as much time as I have today. We have FHE tonight so we gotta go. 
I'll send pics later this week from today! 

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