Thursday, September 3, 2015

GONE TO GHANA! 9/3/2015

Well, today was the BIG DAY!  We had a bittersweet goodbye at DFW airport sending off Elder Morris today!  He was anxious and ready to go, we could hardly keep him still long enough to get a few more last minute photos. He will do amazing things through the Lord as he seeks to serve and love those around him. We have no doubt that he will be watched over and embraced in the Lord's arms while he is away. We look forward to hearing about all his great adventures in the Ghana Accra West Mission. Supposedly their mission theme is "Be prepared to be unprepared"...relating to all the strange and unusual happenings that occur in Ghana. We are anxious to know when he arrives safe and sound. He will be given a few minutes to email us upon arrival on Friday AM. Stay tuned!

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